Feather Botanica

Essential Oil Zodiac Blend

$26 $28
  • Essential oil blend specially formulated to suit each star sign
  • Zodiacs provide an insight into your personality, desires, and truths
  • Using these insights, we have matched essential oils that align with each sign


  • As a perfume
  • To centre yourself - Roll onto palm of hands and take 3 deep breaths


  • Beautiful earth friendly glass with bamboo lid.
  • Specifically formulated essential oil blend.
  • Gemstones to raise the vibration of each blend and unique to your sign.
  • Star sign information card.
  • Gorgeous carry pouch.

It’s the PERFECT personalised gift!

Astrology & Aromatherapy come together flawlessly when you unite them consciously and intentionally to reach your goals, achieve peaceful calm or to simply sink in and intuitively receive a scent that speaks your language. 

Whilst your personality influences your social habits; for example Virgo’s may battle anxiety from worrying thoughts. Aries, headaches from the pursuit to be first. Gemini’s, balancing mind and heart.   

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