Feather Botanica

Revival Oil



REVIVAL OIL is here to save the day! She's light, packed with nutrients and the best friend you've been looking for to Revive your skin  

A 30ml bottle with a base of Organic Rosehip Oil; packed with antioxidants to improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. Infused with 100% pure essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Tea tree, and Frankincense

Oils have been selected to restore complexion, promote radiance, reduce inflammation whilst protecting and cleaning the skin cells

Crafted to be used on your face as part of your morning or nighttime ritual or do as some of our customers and add a few drops to your already loved moisturiser to pimp it up. You can use it as a cuticle oil too, she’s versatile like that

All bottles are hand blended on request; nothing sits waiting for purchase 



Fun Facts:

To reduce the impact on the Earth, our packaging is made of recycled glass, bamboo and minimal plastic. Our bags are organic cotton and the paper recycled - we also donate 10% of profits back to conservation projects - we are passionate about helping you and the planet. We are one

* For use daily and external use only

* Use by: 12 months from purchase


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