Natural Crochet Shoes


Luludu crochet shoes are intricately crocheted by the hands of three beautiful Balinese mothers. Each pair helps to create change, inspires kindness, and supports equality.

When we support fair working conditions for disadvantaged women, we rise together. We form a new way of being. We understand that when strong-willed, heart-centred women come together we can change the world... and we will. 

Lovingly handmade using a slow and sustainable approach to production.

  • Our ethical crochet shoes are made using a high quality, long lasting hemp yarn.
  • Hemp needs little to no pesticides to grow, thrives on less water, grows fast and is incredibly strong, making this the perfect yarn to use for these intricate shoes.
  • The inner sole is made from high quality vegan 'leather' meaning no animals are harmed in the making of these shoes.
  • The 'leather' is then attached to a 4mm rubber base - the rubber is then doubled at the heel making it 8mm.
  • The rubber is very flexible and comfortable, and is soft enough to bend with your foot when you walk giving them a barefoot feel.

How to choose the right shoe size
To ensure a comfortable fit, we recommend choosing a size between 5-9mm longer than your foot. Here's how:
1. Measure your feet while standing barefoot on a ruler or measuring tape
2. Measure the distance between your heel and the longest toe. The width is best measured at the widest part of your foot.

Size 6 : Length: 23 cm | Width: 91mm
Size 7 : Length: 24 cm | Width: 95mm
Size 8 : Length: 25 cm | Width: 97mm
Size 9 : Length: 26 cm | Width: 97mm
Size 10 : Length: 27 cm | Width: 97mm
Size 11 : Length: 28cm | Width: 105mm

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