Meet Twigg of Feather Botanica

Essential oils have come along way from purely being something you burn in an oil burner - think circa 1998 when Ishka was your only go to source for oils. Now experts understand so much more about the healing and therapeutic value of essential oils for mind, body and soul.

On that note, we are thrilled to introduce you to Feather Botanica.

Soulful essential oil blends.

A Good Scout recently sat down for a chat with Alicia, AKA Twigg, of Feather

Botanica to find out more about her delicious and bespoke essential oil products
and how she’s actualising her goal to help people restore balance and return to
their soul, with just a sniff.

When Twigg came across essential oils a few years back she knew she’d tapped into
something special. The art of combining pure essential oils with other natural ingredients to help people move through areas of emotional and physical pain in a natural way became not only a creative outlet but a real passion of hers.

What was the initial inspiration behind Feather Botanica? And how did you get into blending oils?

I have always had a passion for a good smelling candle, scrub for your skin or mist to
invigorate the senses, so when I was introuduced to Essential oils at a meditation circle (Frankincense to be exact) something about them hit my soul and moved me… I had to find out more! 

I starting researching and studying what these amazing oils were, because like most until then essential oils were a thing you put in a oil burner and didn’t think too much about where they were from or what was in them. As I researched I found that in pure essential oils there are compounds that can help us move through physical & emotional pain or bring us back to our soul with a sniff. I was fascinated. I starting buying oils and making blends for myself and my family and began to see results – our first aid cabinet slowly transformed from store bought products to blends, our candles were replaced with diffusers; where I can change the scent to match a mood.

A perfume was replaced by a natural oil and the list goes on… I thought if this is helping us, we can help others too and so my little creative outlet became a passion to help people and with that Feather Botanica was born. 

Where/how do you source your ingredients and how important is quality to you?
We are all about Mother Nature and minimalism. So any products that can come to us in the purist form is what we use. The essential oils are 100% certified therapeutic grade and come from where a plant is natively grown. Any carrier oils that we use (Rosehip in our Revival Oil) is from a local supplier and is 100% organic with no fillers.

Quality is super important – we make everything on demand and our roll on blends are
bespoke. Nothing sits waiting on a shelf to be bought. Environment is a driver behind our brand, not only are we connecting back to ourselves but back to the earth – through the essential oils and also our packaging. We use recycled glass, organic cotton bags, the bamboo lids are to reduce plastic, recycled paper etc..

What inspires your unique blends?
The people who buy them, they are the inspiration!
I am always so humbled how vulnerable people are with me with on what is happening
for them, or a family member or who they want to just gift something special to. With that honesty, I can create a blend. Without the people I wouldn’t have a brand.

To date, what have been some of the biggest challenges in building your brand and/or in the industry?
We are a new brand so a little hard to say what the big challenges are yet – I think
though for anyone starting anything is to remind yourself that there is enough for
everyone. Even if someone is doing something similar to what you want to create – they are not you. There is a saying that says “When the student is ready.. the teacher
appears” I believe there are people out there waiting for your magic and for you to put
your creativity and energy into something.

We are the depths of Winter here is Australia - what’s your go-to blend to boost immunity or ward off the dreaded sniffles?
Ooh it would be hard to go past oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Wild Orange,
Clove.. diffuse them in your home or make a blend to roll on the soles of your feet and
down your spine for quick absorption before heading out for the day.

Can you share any essential oil tricks?
You can make a simple car diffuser from just a wooden peg, glue and small vegan felt
balls. Glue the balls onto your peg in a line. Whenever your car smells musty or you
need a pick me up whilst driving, drip a drop or two of essential oils onto the balls and
then clip it over your air vent.

Drip one drop of Lavender Essential Oil into your Mascara – it will make your mascara
last longer and help your lashes to grow longer and thicker.

Twigg explains that whilst essential oils won't fix everything, they can be your something that bring you home to your soul. She has an intuition when it comes to oils and spends time researching what fusions work well together to make blends just for you and to assist with sleep, skin or customised to suit your needs.

Check out the beautiful range of soulful oil blends by Feather Botanica on A Good Scout now.