Meet Morgan of Tread Lightly

Sustainable living can also be a style statement. Once perceived as being a bit hippy or quirky, now a low-impact lifestyle can embrace a modern and minimalist aesthetic. 

With that in mind, Tread Lightly was born. 

A Good Scout recently sat down for a chat with Morgan of Tread Lightly to find out more about her passion for sustainability and her stunning range of zero waste inspired products hoping to inspire and incite behavioural change and reduce waste.

What was the initial inspiration behind your brand?

My passion for sustainability. Tread Lightly began by following my intuition and as a result of connecting the dots from one issue to the next. There was one day in particular that I often speak about that really catalysed everything. I was running along my local beach, which also happens to be quite a tourist attraction due to it’s notorious beach boxes. It was a Monday morning and post a really warm weekend and as I began to notice a few pieces of rubbish along the shoreline. I went to pick them up, scanning my eyes down the rest of the beach and realised that the entire foreshore was covered in rubbish. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it, I realised that I couldn’t just wait for something to change, I had to do something about it. In the coming weeks Tread Lightly was born.

How did you get into doing what you do?

Tread Lightly is currently my passion project that stems from my interest in environmental conservation and sustainability. A culmination of my interest in minimalism, slow living, human and animal health as well as general common sense all fed into my growing passion for sustainability and environmental conservation. In the (hopefully near) future, I would love to increase the amount of time I am able to spend on developing and improving Tread Lightly so that I can help create epic change in the future.

What inspires your products?

In the age of Instagram where everything has to look beautiful, as well as be functional, I felt that there was a definite need for products that could help people reduce waste but still be attractive and photo-worthy. I wanted to move away from the image of hippy and quirky to more modern and stylish.

To date, what have been some of the biggest challenges in building your brand and/or in the industry?

Getting people to kick their use of single use plastics is all about behaviour change. And as you probably know, it is very hard to get people to change their behaviour, particularly when convenience is sought.

How do you suggest people change their behaviour to be more green?

To create long-lasting change I think you need to be educated and have a heart-felt reason about ‘why’ you want to be live more sustainably. So I would recommend educating yourself through podcasts, books, online articles, documentaries etc. and find an image, statistic or fact that reminds you of your why. For instance, I think about the marine life that gets washed up on the shores, whose entire stomachs are filled with plastic. It breaks my heart to think that they are suffering because of human 'convenience' and therefore I'll always turn down a plastic straw or takeaway coffee cup no matter what! 

Then, challenge yourself to a month plastic free, a month of composting or a month of not eating any animal products. You’ll quickly learn the hardest parts or the areas that trip you up, take these as a learning and consider how you can prevent them moving forward. 

If you had to pick, what would be your favourite Tread Lightly product? 

It’s hard to have a favourite when they’re all so useful, but I do love the bamboo cutlery wraps because I use them everyday at work whilst eating my lunch.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From nature, following my curiosities, podcasts, books and observing people. I also love Peppermint Magazine and Dumbo Feather magazine for a dose of epic inspiration!

Winter is well and truly happening here in Australia. What are your go-to products to get through?

I’ve got three!

  1.  Rosehip oil: I love using organic rosehip organic oil on my face and neck in the winter to keep my skin soft and glowy. I’m not a huge makeup fan, so I love how smooth and youthful this oil keeps my skin, particularly in winter when my skin is super dry!  (A Good Scout Tip: Revival Oil from Feather Botanica).
  2.  Wheat pack: mine is a knitted pig so I call it a heat pig! But wheat bags are so great in winter, particularly if you get cold going to bed. Also from an Ayurvedic perspective it can be harder to digest food in winter, particularly if your food is cold or raw so applying a warm heat pack can help soothe tummy pains :)
  3.  Chai tea: I’m loving the roobois chai from The Source bulk foods store. I bring my own jar and fill it up to avoid waste :)

 What are your favourite brands or products from A Good Scout? 

I love the eco-linen bedding from Foraged Byron Bay. Linen is such a beautiful, natural fibre which I absolutely love. I’m so glad that the natural fibres are making a comeback and hopefully replacing other synthetics varieties. 

Why do you love being part of A Good Scout? 

Being part of A Good Scout constantly reminds me that my purpose on this planet is something much greater than just to sell products but rather to transform the way we 'consume' and 'gift' to one that is more sustainable and in alignment with a cleaner, nicer world. 

Check out our beautiful range of Tread Lightly products on A Good Scout now.